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Donald has been fortunate to learn from many great coaches over his career. He pays it forward every day by coaching others. His experience with goal achievement, influencing company culture and driving exponential growth makes a critical difference in helping you make continuous improvements toward success.

The Value of a Coach

  • A professional coach will help you make a viable
    game plan

    It’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind and stop dreaming big, but those dreams are what will carry you through setbacks. If you have goals that are bigger than your fears, you’ll find the grit and strength to keep pushing forward, no matter what obstacles are thrown into your path. On the football field, that means having a game plan, then pivoting and adapting as the game plays out. A great coach will help you focus on your dream, stay committed and know when to pivot.

  • A great coach will refuse to let you be anything less than your best

    Looking good and playing well doesn’t mean anything if your team is losing. That means you have to do your best and help everyone else do their best too. A great coach holds you to high standards for excellence and never lets you settle. Most importantly, they tell you honestly when they see you falling short of your potential. Great coaches give quick, unbiased feedback and thoughtful, personal mentorship. They work as a sounding board so you can gut check your actions, ideas and responses, just like having good legal or financial counsel on-hand.

  • An executive coach will inspire you to continuously improve

    Having an executive coach means someone else is there to push you, objectively and
    repeatedly, to unlock your potential for maximum personal and professional growth. They help you learn the skills you need to be a leader, and they never let you rest on the bench. A great coach knows what motivates you and helps you find what you need to win.

  • As a mentor, your executive coach will also make you part of their network

    A coach can view you from an outside perspective but also cheer for you like one
    of their own. Although focused on you, they also have a broader perspective of the game, since they're watching from the sidelines. From that vista, a great coach can connect what you’re doing to the work of others in their network and connect you with like-minded, high-achieving leaders who will help you make your dreams a reality.

One of my leadership philosophies is that you don’t build businesses, you build people. Great people will build a great business. Finding, training and grooming talent is something I learned from Donald earlier in my career. He’s mentored and coached me since I was a purely technical software engineer to now leading a successful and growing multi-million dollar digital transformation firm.

greg boone headshot Greg BooneCo-CEO, Blue Acorn iCi
2018 NC Tech Executive of the Year

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