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The Rising Tide of the Triangle Startup Ecosystem

Pete McEntegart, managing editor of has had quite the windy career path, starting as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs, then going back to college, then writing at Sports Illustrated – if you ever read in the 2000’s, Pete was the guy who wrote The Ten Spot, which was a daily column on 10 funny things in sports that day. During his time there, he was rudely interrupted by a six-month trial of the Tyco CEO and CFO who were accused of embezzling millions from the company – and he wrote about it for Time Magazine. He then went out to LA to be a film and sitcom writer, and then to Chicago where he co-founded a company called CharacTour, which is kind of like a Netflix algorithm that tells you what shows and movies you should be watching. That ended up not working out, and so in July of 2018, he started working for Bronto founder Joe Colopy’s passion project,, which is an online publication that supports the tech startups in the Triangle. On the show today, Pete talks about lessons learned in his windy path, what he sees from successful entrepreneurs, and what’s different about the Triangle ecosystem.

Such an interesting guy, and the only one of our guests so far who has a Wikipedia page.

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Music for this episode provided by Jensen Reed from his song, “You Can’t Stop Me”.

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