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LCI CEO Jeffrey Hawting

Just before turning 30, Jeffrey Hawting was an ordained priest traveling from Australia to America to study, but he never went home. After leaving the priesthood, his friend helped him find a job selling office products to the federal government, many of which were made by companies with blind employees. One of those companies was LCI, and that company recruited Jeffrey.

Now, he’s LCI’s CEO, and the manufacturing company based in Durham, N.C. has now employed over 300 people that are blind or low vision. The company is also continuing its mission of inclusive employment by backing Ablr 360, a digital accessibility and inclusion company working to bring 100% compliance to digital content. In this episode, Donald and Jeffrey talk about Jeffrey’s career journey and why Ablr’s mission is so personally important to them both.

The Donald Thompson Podcast is hosted by Walk West CEO, mentor, investor, and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Donald Thompson.

Music for this episode provided by Jensen Reed from his song, “You Can’t Stop Me”.

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