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Making a Substantial Impact

Substantial Media, LLC. is on a mission to amplify positive stories within Black and Brown communities. By letting creativity run free, their contributors create multimedia content that brings attention to important issues at local, state and national levels. That kind of vision deserves recognition and support, so DT has devoted himself to Substantial’s mission by joining them as an investor and board member. On this episode, Substantial Media CEO Greg Hedgepeth and Substantial Magazine Editor-in-Chief Evelyne Del interview DT about his history, his hustle and his commitment to supporting their business.

The Donald Thompson Podcast is hosted by Walk West CEO, mentor, investor, and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Donald Thompson.

Music for this episode provided by Jensen Reed from his song, “You Can’t Stop Me”.

The Donald Thompson Podcast is edited and produced by Earfluence. For more on how to engage your community or build your personal brand through podcasting, visit