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Pressure on Women in the Workplace

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As my company was getting used to this new work-from-home reality, I noticed that some people on the team – and it was usually women – were opting not to show their faces. And it got me to wondering, why do we put so much pressure on women in the workplace to look a certain way? I wrote about it in a LinkedIn post, and I hit on something that people wanted to talk about.

My guest today, Loren Shumate, commented right away, “I had this exact realization this week. I honestly think it is more how women feel about themselves. It’s a need to be perfect that many women struggle to overcome. Understanding this about women is critical to inclusion strategies.”

And so I asked her to share her insight as a professional woman in the workplace.

The Donald Thompson Podcast is hosted by Walk West CEO, mentor, investor, and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Donald Thompson.

Music for this episode provided by Jensen Reed from his song, “You Can’t Stop Me”.

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