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A member of the National Speakers Association, Donald speaks frequently for businesses, organizations and universities to share insights and strategies across key functions of business, entrepreneurship, and diversity and inclusion. 

Keynote Speeches

  • Selling your ideas

    We have all had ideas that we think are new, innovative and game-changing. However, for many, those ideas never leave our notebook. The innovator's dilemma is less about the creation of new product ideas, programs or companies; the missing link is determining how to sell ideas and change the behavior of those who have the power to champion the journey of an idea from conception to commercialization.

  • Diversity & Inclusion are business imperatives

    Discussion around diversity and inclusion is increasing in frequency within companies. It’s not just a trend. Real social momentum is happening. But the question is, how can we keep DEI top of mind both now and in the future? As more people from Gen Z and the millennial generation enter the workforce and make increasingly more purchasing decisions, companies are realizing the importance of making diversity, equity and inclusion a standing business initiative. But this isn’t just a trend - it’s a cultural change. A comprehensive DEI plan is an absolute imperative for a long lasting, successful business.

  • The economy of now

    The steps a company takes to prepare for today’s on-demand economy will also enable them to pivot and deliver consistent if not accelerated growth when significant changes hit unexpectedly. Successful leaders wake up knowing that they are already out of time and they act accordingly. This same sense of urgency needs to be present in today’s companies - the economy of now - the availability of products, services, entertainment and communication on-demand has caused a paradigm shift in consumer behavior.

We selected Donald Thompson to moderate a diversity and inclusion panel for our members because as a DEI practitioner and CEO, Donald brings a business perspective to an initiative that continues to evolve and grow within professional environments.

Talisa Hites, Events Manager, NC Chamber