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Empowering People, Elevating Business: A DEI Discussion with Shelley Willingham

Join Donald in this captivating episode as he engages in a candid conversation with Shelley Willingham, Chief Revenue Officer at The Diversity Movement. Discover Shelley’s remarkable journey from adversity to becoming an influential advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion. Gain valuable insights into how DEI drives business success and learn about the strategies that can help business leaders create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Shelley dispels misconceptions surrounding DEI and emphasizes the importance of empathy and care in fostering a thriving working environment. If you’re looking to start your DEI journey and build a culture that values and respects all perspectives, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now and harness the power of diversity as a competitive advantage for your business.

High Octane Leadership is hosted by The Diversity Movement CEO and executive coach Donald Thompson, and is a production of Earfluence.